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Cesare Lombroso, The Man of Genius (London: The Palingenesis Project, 2016)

Jonathan Bowden, Right (London: The Palingenesis Project, 2016)

Jonathan Bowden - Blood

Houston Stewart Chamberlain - Aryan Worldview

Jonathan Bowden's Axe

The Partisan by Fenek Solère

Jonathan Bowden's Demon

John Robison - Proofs of a Conspiracy

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About Us

We are independent publishers, specialising in fiction and non-fiction, approached from a range of philosophically disestablishmentarian perspectives. Our aim is to offer a cultural alternative to present orthodoxies.

Our writers come from a tradition whose exponents and influences include Alain de Benoist, Jonathan Bowden, Thomas Carlyle, Louis-Ferdinand Céline, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Ludwig F. Clauß, Julius Evola, Guillaume Faye, Tenney Frank, Sir Francis Galton, René Guenon, Hans F. K. Günther, Martin Heidegger, Robert E. Howard, Carl Gustav Jung, Ernst Jünger, Julius Langbehn, Wyndham Lewis, Cesare Lombroso, H. P. Lovecraft, Anthony Ludovici, Charles Maurras, Gustav Meyrink, Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, Friedrich Nietzsche, Vilfredo Pareto, Plato, Ezra Pound, Miguel Serrano, Carl Schmitt, Fritjof Schuon, Werner Sombart, Othmar Spann, Oswald Spengler, and Francis Parker Yockey.

We currently have two imprints: Iron Sky Publishing, specialising in dystopian, apocalyptic, and post-apocalyptic, as well as alternative (modern) history, fiction and science fiction; and The Palingenesis Project, specialising in philosophy, sociology, metapolitics, cultural criticism, history, and anthropology. Iron Sky Publishing deals with material by contemporary authors; The Palingenesis Project mostly seeks to recuperate, for purposes of reexamination or reinterpretation, classic texts that have been neglected, marginalised, suppressed, or forgotten.

The idea is that overcoming present structures necessitates creativity, and creativity necessitates being able first to think the unthinkable.


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