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1 May 2009

Troy Southgate Joins Wermod and Wermod

Troy Southgage has joined our roster of authors. His first book for Wermod & Wermod, the Strasserite alternative history novella, Hitler: The Adjournment, will be published via Iron Sky Publishing, our fiction imprint. Troy Southgate was born in Crystal Palace, South London, and has been involved in revolutionary politics as both an activist and underground journalist for over 25 years. He is also the author of Tradition & Revolution (Integral Tradition Publishing, 2007) and has several more books currently in the pipeline. His other roles include being a founder of National-Anarchism, Editor of the popular Synthesis webzine (http://www.rosenoire.org), Organising Secretary of the New Right and a long-suffering football supporter. Elsewhere, he has been involved with almost 20 different music projects, most notably HERR, Seelenlicht, Von Thronstahl and Horologium. Troy has four children and educates them at home.




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