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1 May 2011

"Christianity is a Lie"
(interview with Miguel Serrano)

by Veronica Stein
(Translated by Alex Kurtagic)

Editor's Note: In this, interview, which first appeared in Ultimas Noticias on 15 February 2003, Serrano discusses his then latest book, El Hijo del Viudo (The Son of the Widower), where he synthesises his entire oeuvre, with an analysis and exposition of Esoteric Christianity, Esoteric Islam, and the SS. Despite his age (nearing 85 at the time of the interview) he would go on to write four more books, albeit very short ones.

Responsible for the provocative Antología del verdadero cuento en Chile (1938), pertinacious defender of Nazism through ‘Esoteric Hitlerism’, and tireless evoker of a mythical Chile that, in times immemorial, would have been populated by giants, the writer Miguel Serrano knows that he generates as much admiration as he does antibodies.

The octogenarian author—former Chilean ambassador in India—returns to the fray with El Hijo del Viudo [The Son of the Widower], a short book—it is only 58 pages long—in which, through a dozen vignettes, he condenses his controversial thought. Recently published by Ediciones la Nueva Edad, this volume offers an exotic mixture of symbols, myths, current affairs, poetry, and fantastic literature in order to support a disturbing idea: Christianity is a fraud and, therefore, the last two thousand years of Western history have been founded on a lie.

‘The authors of the gospels where the authors of the “soap opera”, as it would be said today, or just as likely clever “politicians”, who conspired to bring down the Egyptian, Persian, and Roman empires, enabling themselves to impose a minority—a gypsy-like tribe—on the rest of the “two-legged animals”, resorting to cunning and lies’, claims Serrano in his new book.

El Hijo del Viudo begins by denouncing the falsehood of Christianity with a force that recalls Nietzsche at his most furious—he of The Antichrist. How much do you owe to that book?

That one is a fabulous book I read during my adolescence, but it has nothing to do with what we have here. Now, it was not I who invented the idea: the very rabbis, the intellectual descendants of the creators of the Bible, claim that nothing of what is written there is true. They have said so in the New York Times, in Der Spiegel, in El Mercurio. In my book I name the rabbis who know the lie.

You talk about a new religion to replace Christianity, with which even the rabbis would agree. You call it the ‘religion of the Holocaust’. What is the aim of this whole articulation?

In the very first place: the huge sums of money its promoters are getting with the tale. There is a book by Israel Shamir[1], a Jew, called The Holocaust Industry, which criticises the way in which compensating to the so-called victims of the Holocaust has been organised. Germany, for example, has paid millions upon millions.

And in the second place?

They seek to alienate through feelings of guilt. With the collapse of Christianity, which for two thousand years imposed an immense feeling of culpability, this new religion emerges with the idea of impressing, once again, the sense of culpability upon our minds, only now not for having killed the Jewish man-god, but rather the whole Jewish people, or the six million talked about in the Holocaust.

The Dog that Talks

Author of a dozen books, and deserving of the friendship of personages like Carl Gustav Jung, Hermann Hesse, Jawaharlal Nehru, and Indira Ghandi, Miguel Serrano has dedicated El Hijo del Viudo to no other than his dog Thor.

Is it true that Thor was for you a true comrade?

That’s how it was. Dogs talk. They also say that cats do the same. In the Golden Age, in Paradise, animals talked. That language was lost. Nowadays it is a language of the mind. The dog is very apt to perceive transmissions of telepathic thought.

And did Thor talk to you?

Yes, and he asked me why was he a dog? I didn’t know the reason, but I tried to answer. Maybe that is why in my dedication I say that he was born dog ‘because his honour is called loyalty’. That is to say, he was born dog to be able to express that loyalty, which is so difficult to appreciate in men.


[1] Serrano obviously means Norman Finkelstein.

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