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3 February 2012

Liberal Utopia, A.D. 2022

Leslie H. Higgins

Editor's Note: The following review was found on Amazon.com. We reproduce it here.

To say this book surpassed my expectations is not enough. When Mister came in the mail (you won't find this doozy in Barnes & Noble), I was immediately impressed by the sturdy, attractive binding. A tiny press, Iron Sky Publishing matches the big boys at Everyman's Library, right down to the satin bookmarker, and features cover art by Kurtagic himself.

Given said grim cover, I was wholly surprised by Mister's demurely outrageous humor. From page one, including the Introduction by Tomislav Sunic (Kurtagic's European New Right partner-in-crime), who notes that this dystopian tome, while set eleven years in the future as I type, could have well been set in the 1990s, the novel constantly invites the reader to share a deep laugh over the pathetically familiar world its protagonist traverses. Mister is the funniest thing I've read since A Confederacy of Dunces (including Infinite Jest). The unboarding from Mister's British Airways flight to Madrid, as well as his interrogation by the Guardia Civil, attempt to order a pizza, witness to a caucus of hoodlums who organize to clear a road after an accident, and dialogue with the multicultural avatar of Socrates are a class unto themselves. Certain parts of the book dampen the spirits (it depicts a multicultural utopia, or in other words Hell on earth), but some signs of hope: as when a band of zealots vandalize an exhibit by degenerate artist Andres Serrano, and spraypaint


are enough to warm any man of good will (though Kurtagic, writing before the fact, credits this wholesome destruction to Esoteric Hitlerists, rather than the traditional Catholics who actually did the deed in France in April of this year). Kurtagic's vast knowledge of contemporary Right Wing thought, not to mention vital currents in European music, of which he is an expert, is not to be missed. His depictions of David Irving, Kevin MacDonald ("the Monster of Long Beach", wanted by the Hague no
less!), James Edwards, David Duke, and others are as enlightening as the mobs of perverts and ideologues who want to lynch them are hysterical. He also profiles lesser known author Dawn Bergamann (who recommends the book on the back cover; I suspect endorsement fishing was at least one motive), whom I hope to read now that my interest is piqued.

Mister looks long, but with humor and style like Kurtagic's, I was doing sixty pages a day easy. The book makes a great gift for friends still cool to pro-European thought. Mister is a fair-minded vindication of the true patriots of the West, of true order such as England enjoyed before the abandonment of her Empire, and Spain enjoyed under Franco, and a definitive condemnation of those politiques who led Europe into materialism and self-abasement. Anyone who still believes in diversity and all that Marxist hoo-haa should read this book, and ask themselves if it does not depict the world they, if not already made, are building now, asylum seekers' housing block by block.

Source: Amazon.com

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