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4 April 2011

Project Miguel Serrano

Alex Kurtagic

As previously announced on this website, Miguel Serrano's Esoteric Hitlerist trilogy is finally and for the first time to become available in a complete, accurate, and authorised English translation. This is currently one of my main book projects, the result of which is to be published by Wermod and Wermod's non-fiction imprint, The Palingenesis Project.

Serrano was an immensely erudite author, who drew from numerous literary sources and esoteric traditions. Many of his sources, originally from authors who wrote in different languages, he knew in Spanish translation, while others he presumably translated himself from the original. This creates a difficulty, because the translator—that is I—has to find the exact quotes as they have been published in English, which may or may not be easy. Considerable paraphrasing or rewording may have been involved in some cases, and translating into English something that was translated into Spanish from another language, may yield significantly different wordings, even if the meaning is the same. One has to use, whenever possible, the wording as it is known from published English versions. This includes some of Serrano's own work, such as a number of his books from his middle period, which appeared during the 1950s, 60s, and 70s.

It is fiddly, meticulous, and time-consuming work, if it is to be done with precision.

Needless to say that the sources are numerous, specialised, and varied and in some cases need to be checked in more than one language. What is more, and for obvious practical reasons, the texts need to be at hand for multiple and repeated consultations.

If you are one of the many who have expressed interest in and feelings of anticipation with regard to this project, you can help accelerate its progress and defray some of the upfront costs—after all, Wermod and Wermod's editions will be high-quality Golden Age editions, not cheap paperbacks (although the books will also be available in paperback format).

To this effect, my colleague James Stevenson has created an Amazon list where a selection of books that will be needed as reference to complete and perfect the translations are being added.

If you are inclined to support this project, you can do it easily by donating any the books on the Amazon list:

Wermod and Wermod Publishing Group
(Project Miguel Serrano)
P. O. Box 1107
Shamley Green
United Kingdom

You can find the Amazon list here.

I will personally write a letter of thank you to each and every individual supporting this project in this way.

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