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16 March 2011

Our Webstore is Now Open

James Stevenson

Until now our books have been available through Amazon and selected mail orders in Europe and the United States. Now you can order directly from us via our state-of-the-art webstore
Because we are the publishers and we collect the royalties for our authors, by ordering directly from us you will ensure that the greatest portion of your money goes straight to those who deserve it, rather than to generic vendors or corporate middle-men. If you like our authors and the work they do, support them by ordering directly from us. Likewise, if you appreciate the effort we put in bringing you quality editions of their work, you can help us publish more in this vein by ordering directly from our webstore. We will send your orders fast and pack your books carefully so that they arrive in perfect condition—after all, we are bibliophiles ourselves and understand the needs of the collector!
We presently have a small selection of titles, including a rare edition of Savitri Devi's Impeachment of Man, but we are getting new ones all the time, so you will do well to check regularly for new arrivals and re-stocks. You can also already pre-order the forthcoming new, 2011 edition of Lothrop Stoddard's The Revolt Against Civilization.

We accept most major credit cards and debit cards, as well as PayPal.

Visit our webstore by clicking here

... or by clicking on the "Shop" link in the menu above.

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