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20 January 2009

Tendering for Authors

We have launched Iron Sky Publishing, an imprint specialising in alternative history, dystopian, apocalyptic, and post- apocalyptic fiction and science fiction, approached from an anti-Modern, anti-liberal perspective, and with an emphasis on European culture and identity.

Iron Sky Publishing will approach the abovementioned sub-genres from a dissident perspective, one that is, save very few exceptions, quite anti-thetical to most published science fiction.

The science fiction novel proper is a product of two historical developments: the Age of Reason, with its concomitant development of modern science; and the development of the novel. Because of the genre’s historical origins, most published Science Fiction authors share an underlying common ideology, founded on the values of Enlightenment philosophy: man as a perfectible, rational being and an abstract legal entity; celebration of progress and scientific achievement; nature as a machine; history as a linear process of never-ending economic, social, and technological progress. As a result, most published Science Fiction, even in its less optimistic forms (e.g., cyberpunk), and even when presenting grim dystopian and apocalyptic scenarios, reflect these Enlightenment values: in these novels, when societies become dysfunctional, political organisation develop pathologies, and civilisations collapse it is almost invariably the result of the incorrect interpretation, and / or the imperfect implementation, of the values of their authors. These values are legitimised and implicitly shared by their publishers (hence, why they publish these novels, and not others). The counterpart to the Enlightenment is the Conservative Revolution, a school of thought defined, or influenced by, among others, writers like Oswald Spengler, Ernst Jünger, René Guenon, Julius Evola, and Alain de Benoist. This school of thought prizes tradition, as opposed to modernity; culture, as opposed to civilisation; rural idyll, as opposed to mechanistic urbanism; elitism, as opposed to equality; revolution, as opposed to linear progress; idealist spirituality as opposed to pragmatic materialism; harmony with nature, as opposed to its conquest; the marshal spirit, as opposed to the dictatorship of well-being; individual leadership and autonomy, as opposed to collective consensus and dependency; the selfless hero, as opposed to the government bureaucrat; iron fist and moral principle, as opposed to negotiation and rational self-interest. This school of thought represents a sizeable constituency, among whom the fiercest critics of contemporary social, cultural, economic, and political trends, and by implication of the contemporary political, academic, and media establishment, are found. Despite their vigour and growing numbers, there is currently not one fiction publisher systematically catering to the tastes, values, sensibilities of this constituency. They are, consequently, starved of suitable literary entertainment. Iron Sky Publishing will provide that entertainment.

Thermonuclear holocausts, apocalyptic viruses, doomsday asteroids, environmental collapse, revolutions, war, economic depressions, or Nazi UFOs, and whether it is alternative histories, futuristic dystopias, space operas, or disaster novels, told from (but not limited to) Traditionalist, Conservative Revolutionary, Ariosophical, Apollonian, Occultic, Austrian economics, neo-Pagan, or Nietzschean perspectives, or any variation or combination thereof - these are all welcome themes for this imprint.

If you are an author who shares our vision and has either an unpublished manuscript or a new book project, please get in touch with the Iron Sky Publishing team.





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