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21 December 2010

Troy Southgate's Nazis, Fascists, or Neither? The Ideological Credentials of the British Far Right 1987-1994

James Stevenson

Our new title, Troy Southgate's Nazis, Fascists, or Neither? is finally here. In this well structured and disciplined study, Troy Southgate examines the major political players in the British Far Right between 1987 and 1994, and attempts to determine, based on said players' ideological positions, whether they could accurately have been called Nazi, Fascist, or none the above. Southgate contends that the characterisations of Far Right groups by the Left and the media are confused and simplistic, with often conflicting and / or contradictory ideologies lumped into a generic (and nonsensical) 'fascist' or 'Nazi' label. Southgate's succint but detailed analysis, elaborated from primary sources and benefiting from the author's in-depth knowledge of the actors, is highly educational; it also brings some surprising conclusions. We expect this text to become an essential reference for anyone interested in the Far Right in Britain during what some consider to have been a critical period—a period that has hitherto remained unstudied.

The book can be ordered from Amazon (UK) and Amazon (USA), and also from here.

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