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24 March 2011

Next on The Palingenesis Project:
Lothrop Stoddard's The French Revolution in San Domingo, New 2011 Edition with an Introduction by Kevin MacDonald

James Stevenson

The artwork for our next book title, Lothrop Stoddard's classic, The French Revolution in San Domingo, is now complete and can be viewed here. Originally published in 1914, this books provides a race realist account of the events that led to the independence and establishment of the first-ever Black-ruled republic. Saint Domingue, now the famously dysfunctional republic of Haiti, was once one of the most prosperous colonies in the New World. It had, unfortunateluy, a huge slave population that vastly outnumbered the hardly virtuous White masters, and the complex dynamics where class and race, and colony and motherland, intersected provided fertile soil for the radical revolutionary ideology of liberty, equality, and brotherhood sweeping France at the time. In the end the ideals so ardently desired by the Jacobins resulted in a war of racial extermination and the enthronement of the murderous general Jean-Jacques Dessalines as "Emperor" of the island.

The cover by Alex Kurtagic depicts Jean-Jacques Dessalines, who, by 1900, as pointed out by Hesketh Prichard at the time, was lionised in Haiti as the hero of independence, much more than Toussaint Louverture. It was Dessalines who ordered the massacring of all the remaining Whites in the island. Yet, the latter, some because they chose to import Blacks from Africa, and others because of their falling prey to universalist fanaticism, were arguably the architects of their own misfortune.

An insightful introduction by Kevin MacDonald helps to put Stoddard's extensive narrative in context and to distill the essential lessons from this sorry episode of European colonial history.

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