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29 July 2011

Titles Added to the Miguel Serrano Project Amazon Wish List

Alex Kurtagic

As regular visitors will know, an Amazon wish list, titled Miguel Serrano Project, was set up a couple of months ago and made public available for those who wish to support the project to translate Miguel Serrano's most controversial trilogy: El Cordón Dorado (The Golden Thread); Adolf Hitler, El Último Avatãra (Adolf Hitler: The Last Avatar); and Manú: Por el Hombre que Vendrá (Manu: For the Man Who Will Come). The texts in the list are needed a) as background research, to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and consistency of the translated text; and b) in the case of English-language texts, to ensure that the numerous excerpts quoted by Serrano, which in his books were in many cases taken from published Spanish translations of texts written in another language, appear with the wording of the published English translations or English original. With a) it is a case of reconstructing or transferring at least the key parts of Serrano's vast body of knowledge into my head, so that he may better speak through me.

As the project progresses, new key texts are identified and then added to the wish list. Last week a number of them were added.

Four things are important to note with regard to the wish list.

Firstly, the delivery address has been updated, following a recent move.

Secondly, because a number of the titles are old and out of print, they are available only from traders in the Amazon market place, which means their availability status will change over time. In this cases the item in the list will appears as 'currently unavailable'. This, however, may refer to the specific edition that was added to the list, but will not mean necessarily that another edition is not or has not become available from another trader in the Amazon market place. Therefore, it is worth performing a new search in those cases, or sourcing the book from elsewhere. Bookfinder.com is a good resource—it is a book search engine that scans book seller lists—for locating books not available from Amazon. Please note that I am based in the United Kingdom, so it is best to choose United Kingdom book sellers whenever possible in order to keep postage costs to a minimum.

Thirdly, some titles appear in hardback edition. There are two possible reasons for this: one is that the text in question is a particularly important one and will likely be subjected to frequent handling and multiple readings, in which case a more durable edition is preferrable; another is that the text in question was only available in hardback when it was added to the list.

Lastly, some have written to ask me which texts are more important or would be helpful for me to have access to sooner. I have marked the more important ones with Highest Priority and High Priority. Others I have not marked yet, as they were taken from Serrano's own recommended bibliography and their importance in relation to the text is not yet clear.

The Miguel Serrano Project Amazon wish list can be found here.

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