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30 March 2011

Economic Performance and Democracy as a Function of Intelligence

Alex Kurtagic

Now in stock are three well-known books dealing with the intersection of economic performance, democratisation, and race differences in IQ. The books are Richard Lynn's Race Differences in IQ, Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen's IQ and Global Inequality (2008), and Tatu Vanhanen's The Limits of Democratization (2009), all on Washington Summit Publishers. All three are hardcore science books, tackling a topic most modern scientists, journalists, thinktanks, legislators, and policy makers studiously avoid, fearful of the strident vociferation of a politically motivated minority. These books continue research that was abandoned during the second half of the XXth-century, and will in all likelyhood provide a foundation for future policy, once the ideology of natural equality falls out of favour. If you are interested in what the modern research has uncovered in connection to the impact of human biodiversity on economic prospects and democratisation around the globe, Lynn and Vanhanen provide the answers that ideological egalitarians and their mandarins in the mass media do not want you to know.

You can order the books here.

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