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Catalogue Number
Troy Southgate
Nazis, Fascists, or Neither? Ideological Credentials of the British Far Right 1987-1994
Date of Publication
21 December 2010
American Royal

Unlike the overwhelming majority of academic texts claiming to expose the inner make-up of the Far Right, this book deliberately ignores the emotion elicited by groups on the fringes of British politics and, instead, seeks to offer a more honest and accurate analysis. Troy Southgate, a popular writer and musician who has been involved in political activity for over twenty-five years, begins his study with a broad overview of the British Far Right between 1919 and 1986. He then charts the gradual transformation of the National Front (NF) into a hardline revolutionary movement and looks at the groups that either grew out of the NF or operated within the same time-frame. The author is convinced that the period between 1987 and 1994 was generally one of the most important in the history and development of the Far Right in Britain, not least because, while some of the organisations in existence at the time were influenced by German National-Socialism or Italian Fascism, most did not fit into the stereotypical pigeon-holes designed for them by their detractors on the liberal and Far Left. With its unique insights and surprising conclusions, this book is a valuable contribution to the ongoing debate surrounding the nature of racism and fascism in Britain, and finally places on record a period in British politics that has never previously been afforded a comprehensive academic treatment.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1
Chapter One: Hallmarks and Definitions 7
Chapter Two: The Far Right in Britain, 1919-1986 17
Chapter Three: National Front, 1987-1990 37
Chapter Four: National Front Support Group, 1987-1994 57
Chapter Five: Third Way, 1990-1994 69
Chapter Six: International Third Position, 1989-1994 77
Chapter Seven: English Nationalist Movement, 1992-1994 93
Chapter Eight: British National Party, 1987-1994 101
Chapter Nine: Final Thoughts 117
Appendix: Where are They Now? 121
Bibliography 125
Index 131

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