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Catalogue Number
Madison Grant
Richard Spencer (Foreword)
The Conquest of a Continent
Racial History
Date of Publication
29 July 2013
Demi 8vo

A leading conservationist in the United States, Madison Grant’s preoccupation with biodiversity was not limited to wildlife, but also extended to humans, particularly where that biodiversity intersected with the wider sweep of history, its meaning and interpretation, and government policy.

Grant provides here a racial and ethnic history of the European settlement of North America, spanning from the ancient nations of Europe to the United States of his day. His thesis was that the United States was settled mostly by Northwestern Europeans, particularly English and Ulster Scots. To his mind, this relative homogeneity, plus the generally high quality of these enterprising settlers, conferred upon the new nation its prosperity, cohesion, stability, and defining cultural characteristics.

Grant was concerned that then recent waves of immigration from poorer parts of Europe would lead to social instability, division, economic decline, and a growing underclass. He also thought that the failure to deal with problems left by slavery stored trouble for the future.

Grant’s represents today an unfashionable opinion, and his framework of analysis—not to mention his Nordicist bias—makes him seem somewhat outdated. Yet, he remains historically important: in his day, Grant enjoyed support with much of the old WASP establishment, including academics, politicians, and scientists who were leaders in their field. What is more, nearly half a century since the restrictive immigration legislation for which he campaigned was reversed, the old arguments have not gone away: as in Europe, they are being updated and revisited in the United States, which is now more socially unstable, more divided, less prosperous, and with a much greater underclass than before. This, despite strenuous efforts by Grant’s opponents over the past century. Worse still, the founding stock of the United States is now in steep decline, just as Grant predicted it would without targeted policies; this, and the implications of that decline, makes him even more relevant today than he was in his lifetime.

Following the Anti-Defamation League’s efforts to suppress the book in 1933, there has not been a professional edition in print for the last eighty years.

This edition has been meticulously annotated, making it a resource for casual readers and scholars alike. It also comes with all the original maps, an expanded index, a foreword by Richard Spencer of the National Policy Institute, and cover artwork by Alex Kurtagic. It is, above all, a beautiful, high-quality, collectible modern edition.

Table of Contents:

Foreword, by Prof. Henry Fairfield Osborn xiii
Foreword by Richard Spencer xvii
Note on the Text xliii
I. Introduction 3
II. The Cradle of Mankind 21
III. The Nordic Conquest of Europe 41
IV. The Nordic Settlement of America 69
V. The Puritans in New England 85
VI. The Gateways to the West from New England and Virginia 105
VII. Virginia and Her Neighbors 133
VIII. The Old Northwest Territory 167
IX. The Mountaineers Conquer the Southwest 193
X. From the Mississippi to the Oregon 205
XI. The Spoils of the Mexican War 219
XII. The Alien Invasion 235
XIII. The Transformation of America 247
XIV. Checking the Alien Invasion 279
XV. The Legacy of Slavery 295
XVI. Our Neighbors on the North 313
XVII. Our Neighbors on the South 337
XVIII. The Nordic Outlook 363
Bibliography 373
Index 403

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