How to fight against sickle cell disease ?

Dangerous and slow killers, sickle cell disease belongs to the family of the most deadly diseases like cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc. While many of them can be cured by medical care or pharmaceutical therapies as well as natural tricks, sickle cell disease still remains a disease without any solution. However, the relentless research of medical specialists has, it can be said, given a jubilation of hope for a cure of the disease. What is this solution and how can we, if not cure this disease? Find the answer in this article.

Sickle cell disease: What is it ?

Sickle cell disease is a genetic disease. That is to say, sickle cell anaemia is a disease of the blood and, to be more precise, of haemoglobin. Indeed, in the body this disease deforms the red blood cells which have difficulty circulating in the blood. These blood cells can also sometimes become blocked in the blood vessels. Sickle cell disease is not caused by a poor diet, poor maintenance or any other cause. But as mentioned before, it is a disease that is naturally transmitted from parent to child.

It manifests itself by pain in the joints, sudden pains in the chest, low oxygen levels in the body, fatigue. In addition to these symptoms, there is physical discomfort or dizziness, blood in the urine or inability to produce concentrated or dilute urine.

Treatment of sickle cell disease

Finding a therapy for this slow killing disease has been the struggle of many researchers for many years. This strong and unmistakable research will bring a glimmer of a solution in October 2014. It is a gene therapy that is an alternative to transplantation. This consists of replacing the patient’s deficient marrow with that of a compatible relative. It should be remembered that it is within the marrow that the bones are located that red blood cells are made. This treatment is still the only one offered to patients. But it is only offered to patients whose cases are very severe. However, maintaining good hydration, analgesics adapted to the intensity of the pain such as paracetamol, nalbuphine, Nubain are some of the other treatments to calm the pain of sickle cell disease.