What criteria should you use to choose a surveillance camera ?

In order to ensure surveillance of one’s home or business to avoid any inconvenience such as theft, for example, surveillance cameras are necessary. But to get one, there are certain criteria that must be met. Read on to find out more.

Surveillance cameras: what criteria should you take into account when choosing one?

Once you have defined your budget, you need to consider certain criteria before choosing a surveillance camera. Firstly, you need to know where to place the surveillance camera. There are some surveillance cameras that are designed for outdoor use and others for indoor use. Secondly, consider whether you want a wired camera with Ethernet or WI-FI port. Indeed, there are some camera models that offer you both solutions. Apart from this criterion, look at the image quality of the camera. Opt for fixed or motorised cameras depending on your needs that will offer you more detailed images. There are some that offer a 4k sensor, but deliver a full HD image that you can even zoom in on. Also, insist on quality audio and local or cloud storage. Check the camera’s microphone and speaker before you buy. Finally, the camera’s power consumption should not be overlooked. Opt for cameras with a low power consumption to avoid paying exorbitant prices for the electricity bill, and don’t forget the mobile application of your camera. This application will allow you to remotely monitor your home or receive alerts.

The benefits of a home surveillance camera

Having a surveillance camera in your home helps prevent theft and illegal activities. Indeed, the surveillance camera monitors your home and if there is something suspicious, it automatically alerts you in real time. It also serves as concrete evidence. Thanks to its image recording, it is possible to provide evidence in the event of an offence and even to identify the persons responsible before the courts. Finally, it allows you to monitor your home remotely and even to call the security services in the event of a suspicious incident.