Why should we eat balanced food ?

An unbalanced diet is the cause of many diseases and disorders. Cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases are some of these diseases. To avoid being a target for these diseases, you need to eat a healthy and balanced diet. There are also several reasons for this recommendation. This article gives you the reasons for limiting the risk of disease.

A balanced diet: what is it really about?

A balanced diet is nothing more than the combination of certain important nutrients in foods. These are the foods that are usually called rich. It is the combination of foods rich in vitamins, protein, calcium, fatty acids etc. For example, eating a balanced diet in a day or during a dinner consists of starchy foods which are 50% of our daily calorie intake, vegetables and fruit, a portion of meat, 100g to 120g of fish or egg.

Eating a balanced diet also means eating according to your own way of functioning. We should prefer foods that are very rich in the above-mentioned nutrients. Avoid taking too many alcoholic products.

Why eat healthy and balanced

There are many reasons for a healthy and balanced diet. First of all, it is important to know that eating healthy food limits the risk of disease. A healthy diet maintains the body and allows it to function well. It eliminates waste and toxins and maintains the balance of the intestinal flora. It is also a means of resisting various external viral, immune or bacterial attacks and ensures the skin flora and skin secretions.

Eating a balanced diet corrects skin disorders such as brittle nails, and also helps to have more beautiful skin. It is not only for the inner health but also for the body health. All these benefits of a balanced diet help to fight against cardiovascular and endocrine diseases that come from an unbalanced diet such as cancer, diabetes, infections, prostate. In addition, dental diseases, obesity and osteoporosis are included in the list of unbalanced diet.

Now you know why it is always recommended to have a healthy diet. So don’t hesitate to make it part of your daily routine.